Peak Design freshens up its line of camera bags, brings two new models in

Peak Design has declared a reshape of its total camera-focused bag line up, which is known as Everyday Line V2. The new bags are the same as the trendy prior models, but with developments made to both design and materials, based on feedback from customers of the earlier version. Also, Peak Design is enlarging its lineup with a new backpack and tote bag, that join the subsisting Everyday Backpack and Everyday Tote. All of the latest designs and bags are available to order direct from the company starting on 25th November. The company says that it has created improvements to the zippers on all of its bags to enhance stability. The new Ultrazips are asserted to have twenty times the tear strength compared to standard zippers. The designs have also got improved with more rounded profiles and streamlined ledges, and the magnetic latch closures on the Everyday Backpack and Everyday Messenger have been pinched as well.

The most significant change in materials is the change to softer, more flexible straps, which Peak Design says was created in response to customer feedback that the older straps were very stiff. The material on the inside of the backpacks has been firmed to prevent water, that was a common complaint on the first version of the bags. The entire line is available in 6 different colors, including navy blue and cream color options. The dark grey charcoal color has got improved with leather accents, which is similar to the light grey color, the trademark color for Peak Design.

The Everyday Backpack zip, a riff on the Everyday Backpack that replaces the magnetic latch closure system with a single 270-degree zipper, and it keeps up the ability to access camera gear quickly from either side of the bag. The other entirely new bag is the Everyday Totepack, which is a 20-liter tote bag and can be converted to a backpack. The tote pack has both top access and side access panels to grab camera gear quickly. The Everyday Tote pack is available in black and cream colors for $179.95

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